Photo of artists Bob Peck and Rich Cihlar in front of cheetah painting also known as Don't Panic!


Don’t Panic! the dynamic duo also known as R!ch Cihlar and Bob Peck.  Flooding the contemporary art scene, their hybrid of abstract and pop art styles collide like a candy colored explosion of organized chaos.  Each piece features a subject (by R!ch Cihlar) and abstract energy (by Bob Peck).  R!ch creates highly detailed stenciled images and Bob works over, under, around and through them with his abstract style, using color and line work to help set the tone. In the end, each collaborative piece ends with a harmonious mix of spray paint and acrylic paint that ensures excitement with its kinetic energy and unassuming dialog.  Don’t Panic! has been establishing its roots with live painting performances, murals, and gallery exhibitions and continues to thrive in the art scene.   

Remember… Don’t Panic!  

DON’T PANIC! Collaborations