I’ve been getting back in to production mode and this batch of work is part of that new year push.  My daughter Lacy and I were invited to participate in the upcoming “Square” show at the Sandusky Cultural Center.  We collaborated on 12 pieces for this exhibit.  They feature Albert Einstein, The Fonz, and a cat.  They were painted in CYMK colors (or primary with black and white).

Why The Fonz, Einstien and a cat you ask?  Well…. In typical “Dad joke” manner, the pieces are titled: Fonzie is not a Square, Albert is Square’d, and Four Fe-lines make a Square.  They are puns within the context of the format theme of the show. (I thought it was funny!) They each measure 12 x 12 inches and are gallery wrapped canvas’. 

I enjoy collaborating on works with other artists, and my daughter is no exception.  The show opens on Jan 8th at the Sandusky Cultural Center.  We hope to see you there.