Don’t Panic!

bob rich 1 So here is a teaser picture of not one, not two, but three works Bob Peck and I have been working on these over the holidays. (the other 2 are leaning against the wall). There are plenty more to come! We’ve been having a lot of fun talking about the show, playing with ideas, and as you can see having some successful pieces being produced. We recently named the show, and it’s going to be called “Don’t Panic!” and it opens on April 17th at E11even 2 (at 78th Street Studios) from 5-9pm. There will be more surprises to come for anyone who’s a fan, so follow Bob or myself via Facebook or our websites. We will be continuously posting things about the show and giving things away (oops… i’ve said too much).  Stay tuned for more works, concepts, and fun.  Fun Fact: Today would (or is! for you believers) Elvis Presley’s 80th Birthday.  I know this because my dad is a huge fan, and i grew up with the King.  Happy Birthday King.