More skateboards… that’s what my birdhouse project is all about… kind of. After completing my 365 days of Pez, I had a few skateboards left over and they were calling my name. I was inspired by a friend and great artist, Dana Depew, and i decided i would try out my sculpture skills (if you will). So the next project I’m working on has somewhat of a long description. It’s a habitat building, material re-purposing, exterior/interior instillation based, fine art meets craft, interactive, landlord vs. tenant, tongue and cheek commentary, based project. I am and will be building a variety of birdhouses out of broken skateboards and installing them where permitted, in hopes that not only will a bird actually move in, but that people can appreciate the installed sculpture. I’m a fan of graffiti art and artists like Bansky who give away free art, in the sense that its usually in a public place. Having said that I’m also a business owner and home owner and have had my place of business illegally tagged or marked by vandals. At the cost of “free art”, I’ve had to pay for what others have done. My birdhouse project is a way to share art, with out destroying someone’s investment.

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