Hey Leonardo… And the other TMNT!

I’ve been swamped since my last few posts. My family had moved into a new home that needed a lot of work with renovations along with expecting a new member of the family, a little boy. So to say I’ve been busy is an understatement. I’m excited to announce that I’ve been getting back into the studio working on new personal works, and Don’t Panic! collaborations with Bob Peck. In fact, Bob and I are creating some videos that show how we do what we do. And I’ll be posting more about the works, videos, and Ideas in the upcoming weeks.

Clients and friends constantly ask us, “How did you do that?”. We work fast on our collaborations, typically finishing canvas’ pieces in under 2 hours or full murals in a single day. We are not trying to beat the clock, but we have found our niche in the spray paint community and honed our skills in making these works. Perhaps that’s why people are shocked to see the final product in a very reasonable time frame.


Anyway, recently we did this piece of Eliot Sloan from Blessid Union of Souls. I have a story about some of my first interactions on this band, but you’ll have to check out the video for that! It’s coming soon. We hope to launch a few of our videos in January of 2021. Here’s the link to the channel: Subscribe and check out what fun things we do!