Grab Your Balls, We’re Going Bowling!

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This is my submission for the 2019 Art Fur Animals event this year.  It’s a Bull Terrier, that I’m calling, “Terry’s Bowling & Billiards”.  It’s a pun on the name, if you didn’t see that coming!  This is a hand built wine rack from found objects, and reclaimed wood.  It holds 8 bottles of your favorite wine (not included).  The top is made with 1×2’s to mimic a bowling alley, and the cabinet is made out of an old children’s bed, kitchen drawer, and misc hardware.  The decorative vertical slats on the sides were all things I remember as a kid from my visits to multiple bowling alleys.  They always had a way to direct you within the bowling alley with their way-finding: things like “Arcade”, “Cold Beer” or “Shoe Rental”.

I love nostalgic things, and this piece reflects that.  I wanted it to look like a 1960’s -70’s bowling alley, but viewed today as many of them in the Cleveland area are “untouched”. It’s meant to feel like you walked into a time capsule.  So I painted and weathered the wood, used a color pallet that is retro (yet contemporary to cosmic bowling today) and used classic fonts for my text.  There are many puns, jokes, and cheeky phrases on this piece for guests to find.  I like to add humor to many of my works and allow viewers to find them all.

There is a playable mini-pool table on the bottom of the wine rack.  The dog can be removed from the top and replaced with the pool table for added entertainment.  There are two beer/pop bottle openers on the sides as well as clips to hold the pool ques.  Terry is also sporting a classic bowling shirt with a vintage bowling patch.

I hope he is enjoyed as much by his new home as he was for me to make.  This piece will go up for live auction on May 18th.  The link to the event is up at the top of this blog post.  Get your tickets now before they’re gone!  It is such a fun event, with a serious cause and that’s to raise money for shelter animals.  I hope to see you there.  There are so many great works being auction off at the event and I’m proud to be among such talent.