POP! goes the Bottle

It’s been a while since I’ve posted to my website.  (Sorry).  But I am and have been making tons of work over the last year.  But I have only been posting updates on social media.

The next show I’m getting ready for is called “Time Warp” at E11even 2, with Christina Sadowski and Billy Nainiger in November.  The show title has a different meanings to each of us, but my perception is the idea of vintage items, specifically the feel of 1950’s, 60’s and 70s retro logos and objects.

I’ve been creating my own vintage style wooden slats, inspired by the old pop bottle crates and the use of classic logos and design.  I’ve limited the color pallet to the primary colors plus black and white, and also added mixed media objects. (Ex. pool balls, bottle openers, patches, toys, etc…).  Ultimately each piece is a bottle opener, but also a decorative piece of art in addition to functional aspect of the bottle opener.  I really love these pieces and I can’t wait to hang them all up together.  I should have close to 20 pieces for this show.  The largest ones are about 14 in x 32 in, and the smaller ones are about 14 in x 17in.