Painting in the Park

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What a slacker I’ve been…. well a slacker at keeping up with my website.  Personally I’ve been ultra busy.  A few weeks back Bob Peck and I painted these images at Crocker Park.  They’re painted in the stairwells of the parking garage, behind Bonefish Grill and the Hyatt Hotel.  They can be seen from the outside, since the stair well is encased in glass.  This was a Graffiti Heart Project.  Stamy and her crew always find cool places for us to paint, so thank you to her.  We had a lot of fun doing it (as always).  It was one of the most humid days ever!  I think i lost 5 lbs in sweat.  There was a new challenge with dealing with the stairs, but Bob and I each had transformer-ladders.  Aka Little Giants.

Sorry for the delay on posting  this project (nearly a month old now).  Bob and I have had a few more gigs lined up.  Some have been posted on Facebook/Instagram, and some are going to be posted soon.  So stay tuned!  If you like what we did here, shoot me an email and maybe we can set up a project for you or your company.  We do large murals, Canvas’, and live art.