Cleveland Artist, No Longer at Freshman Status


Brian Vander Ark Performing at E11even 2

It’s hard to not get excited, when your favorite bands from the 90’s pay you a visit.  Brian Vander Ark (of the Verve Pipe) crashed my gallery this past Friday, April 21st, 2017 to give one stellar performance.

It was all part of e11even 2’s “Rock, Paper, Scissors, ROCK!” art exhibition.  The work featured in the exhibition was inspired by the different genres of Rock and Roll.  Artists could choose a band, a musician, or a particular song.  Bob Peck and I painted 2 portraits of Vander Ark featuring his classic 90’s hair.  (We all had 90s hair, right?  Mine was bleached and spiky!)  The full color portrait was an ode to the Verve Pipes big hit “The Freshman” and the monochromatic piece with the text background is a reference to my favorite song, “Photograph”.  It’s hard to believe these songs came out 20 years ago.  They take me right back to the end of high school and the beginning of college at a time when I was in my first band, and when I really started focusing on what would now become my “art career”.  Brian’s visit was a great reminder that art/music is where I’m supposed to be.


Billy, Rick, Eileen, Brian, R!ch and Christina sharing a laugh.

Above is a great shot of my friends and business partners at the gallery.  We work very hard to have moments like this, laughing and sharing art with the world.   Thank you to all who support our efforts as artists.  There will be plenty more to come!

brian and art

Life imitating Art… or Brian imitating Brian.

brian Vander ark 2 small

Painting by R!ch Cihlar and Bob Peck

Brian vander ark 1 small

Painting by R!ch Cihlar and Bob Peck