When Robots Attack… Don’t Panic!

16716167_10155093735314082_8711288334752107322_oCheck out this mural Bob Peck and I made under the guidance of Stamy and the  Graffiti Heart organization.  We painted our trademark abstract robot collaborative in an IT office for Airgas.  Fun, doesn’t even describe how the day went.  I got to hang out with my friends, problem solve art with Bob, and I  was turned on to the music/dj’ing of Girl Talk (thanks Bob!).

I wish every day was like this day.  Sometimes art feels so isolated and personal (and it is).  But working in front of an audience with your buddy really has an intense feeling.  It may have been the free espresso or the fumes from the paint cans, but I felt such a strong forward motion of my own art and the collaborations with Bob.  He and I work so well together.  We share the same juvenile humor mixed with the seriousness of color and composition when it comes to the art.   The Don’t Panic! crew will continue to invade Cleveland.  Stay tuned.

When we were done, I thought this mural looked like a time warp or a worm hole into a new dimension.  I love the color pallet.  It’s not my usually color scheme, and I’m looking forward to exploring some new color pallets in the future.

Thank you again to Graffiti Heart, Bob Peck, and everyone involved.

3 thoughts on “When Robots Attack… Don’t Panic!

  1. I love this post, R!ch! I feel similarly – Saturday was an absolute great day – I had a blast and had the pleassure to watch you and Bob create this masterpiece ! I’m so fortunate to call you friends xo and thanks so much to you both for supporting the Graffiti HeArt mission and youth scholarships in the arts!!! xo

  2. Wow. What else can I say. This mural has everything! Color, movements, robots and sex. Just kidding about the sex. Way to go guys.

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