When Pigs Fly

wpf2 wpf1 whenpigsfly Here is a new birdhouse I’ve made. It’s going to be part of a show called “Text” at the Sandusky Cultural center along with a few other pieces I’ve made. This is the first birdhouse that i’ve made to hang “upside-down”. They usually hang the other way, and look like they’re flying up. This one felt more like a bomb, then a rocket so that’s why i flipped it. It might be that the pigs head looked better in this position, which then meant it would go upside down. Either way, that’s the way i like it! The recent series of my birdhouses have said things like “Cleveland, America, Tough”, it guess it’s just how i’ve felt lately. The idea of fighting for recognition as an artist, or putting in the hard work and extra hours creating, and the negativity from anyone about the city/region being a place that is awful (some who live here and some who don’t). Cleveland is pretty cool, and has a lot to offer, like the arts (and entertainment, food, etc…). I think those who complain, really haven’t experienced some of these cool things. Any way, i thought i’d post this. I often overlap work or jump back and forth from mediums (like i am now bouncing back and forth making work for the Don’t Panic show). More work to come.