Who Let the Kat Out of the Bag?

girl 3 Here’s a close up of another stencil I pulled. For those who are wondering, it’s Kat Von D. I pulled this one in all warm tones, so a fun red hair, orange flesh tones, and even red eyes which I feel are the most luring part of the piece. I guess eyes always pull you in, but whatever. The canvas is in the hands of Mr. Bobbo. He put a few tags on it so far that i’ve seen (AND I LOVE IT), but i don’t think he’s 100% done. I’m sure we’ll see a post from him soon (and i’ll repost it). I painted this on a canvas that must have been used 3-4 times before. It is heavy and has so many layers of paint on it. I know the texture is driving Bob nuts, but this one has a chunky poured look on it and it reminds me of lava. So in addition to the red tones of the hair, eyes, and lips i had a feeling of a volcano spewing lava across the surface. This is going to be one hot piece. (pun intended)