What a CATastrophe!

catsHere’s a shot of Cliff and Dexter, my two furry studio friends. I love them to death, but as you can see they’re directly on top of my stuff. They could sleep anywhere, including the nice soft pet bed i bought them that is a few feet away. But they choose to jump right in to my pile of art stuff when i work. They like to add more clutter to my existing mess. I pretend that i’m upset, but it doesn’t bother me. I only get upset when they actually walk on my paintings. Any way… enough of my felines. I’ve been working in the studio the last few weeks on my next exciting adventure. The details are very limited at this point, but i’m excited to announce that Bob Peck and I will be doing a collaboration show in April 2015 at E11even 2. Bob and I have been friends now for almost 10 years. We met when he showed at my gallery, The Pop Shop, back in 2004. If you’re not familiar with Bob’s work check it out. I love his graffiti work and explosive line work on his abstracts, and I think our collaboration pieces will be stellar. My portion of the collaboration pieces will be stenciled works. I’m sure we’ll have some more info soon, like the title, sneak peeks, and other fun stuff. Stay tuned.