So Much for the Afterglow

IMG_2874When you have the opportunity of a lifetime to work for your favorite bands… you take it! I’m a kid from the 90’s and you can’t take that generation of music out of my soul. Two of my favorite bands from that era are definitely Everclear and Eve6 (if they’re not my top 2 favorite of all time), not to mention that I really like Soul Asylum and Spacehog. A few weeks ago i had the opportunity I’ve dreamt about, designing a concert poster for all 4 of those bands.  My friend, Sean Carroll, of Sandusky Bay Poster Works and I worked together on making this poster happen.  I’ve been collecting his rock posters for years.  Any way long story short, we designed and made posters for this show.  Then we sold them.  It really wasn’t about selling them that got me, it was watching the fans want/buy them as a memory from the show.  I’ve been collecting rock posters for years for that same reason.  So it was just over the top cool.  I got some other cool things from the show like an autograph from Art Alexakis from Everclear, and the set list from the show (looks like i’ll need to get these framed!).  everclear layers

I’ve met Art a few years back when i bought one of Seans earlier posters (and didn’t know Sean personally, i just knew his work). How ironic that 10 years later, we’d be friends and working on a project.   Any way, Art’s a cool guy and i got a guitar pick, photo, and autograph from that show too.   But this all wouldn’t have been possible without Sean’s help. So there’s a BIG thank you to him.  Sean’s a really cool duder (yes with an extra r)!  If you haven’t seen his posters check out the link above.  I have at least 20 of them, and counting.

I just posted the remaining silkscreen posters from the Everclear on my online store.  They’re $15 if anyone wants to pick one up.  Here’s the short version of my idea:  This is an original silkscreen pulled for a show in Cleveland, Ohio featuring great 90’s bands: Everclear, Soul Asylum, Eve6, and Space hog. The paper size is 18 x24. Each print is signed and numbered out of IMG_2876 50. The premise of the imagery is a play on a night in Cleveland. It’s a Polaroid picture of a vintage Polaroid Land Camera developing a photo of Downtown Cleveland. And for those diehard Everclear fans, Art Alexakis’ glasses are leaning on the camera that has been renamed the “Summer-Land” camera, as in the tour name for this show.  Also, for any Clevelanders, i highlighted “Cle” in Everclear.  I’m a Clevelander and i love this city and all the great things we have.

Any way, this was so much fun!  I’m working on another project with Sean that i can’t wait to share.  Stay tuned!!! I want to share it now, but it has to wait for good reason.

I plan updating my website more and more as we get into the fall and winter. It’s too nice out side to sit behind a desk all day.  IMG_2871