Light Up the Sky like Marty Mcfly


lightboard 2

lightboard 1Here are 2 of my light up skateboards for the Board to Death Exhibit at E11even 2. They are reclaimed/used boards that I wired as night lights. But let me tell you…. They are BRIGHT! night lights (you might have to wear sunglasses to bed). They work well as ceiling lights too. I have them suspended from the ceiling in the gallery, and a few on the wall.  I have 5 done, and I might pull 2-5 more.  They are just so fun to build and look at.  I think they would be cool in a kids room, who is just in love with skateboards and bikes.  I’m not a skater (i get asked all the time), i just love working with skateboards, hence my Pez boards and birdhouses.  I hope you can check out the show.  I also have about 20+ Skateboard birdhouses in the show, and a few painted boards.  Click here e11even 2 for more information.