Where has R!ch Been?

I feel like i’ve been neglecting my blog/website. But i assure you all, i’m oober busy! In the mix of my chaotic art life is my next show called “board to death”. I guess the title doesn’t prove i’be been busy, and sounds more like i’be been staring at the wall. But I’m curating a show down at e11even 2 with about 32 other artists. It’s a skateboard art show, and it is surely looking like a good time! In the meantime i’ve also been building more and more skateboard bird houses. My friend and gallery partner, Christina Sadowski, and i are working on a book about them. I hope to have the book done before december. We still have a lot of photography and layout work ahead. Any way, that’s what i’ve been doing. Stop out at the show in a few weeks and say hello. I’ll be posting new work, new ideas, and other nonsense soon.
skateboard postcard 2