Close Encounter of the 3rd Friday Kind

rocket 2Well here is my latest project. 2 years ago I was on my Pez project and it was a moment in my life when art really became a number one focus (as to being my career) Over the last year I wanted to accomplish something new, and this is it.  The artist in just me won’t sit still, and I just have to “go, go, go…” I think many artists get that “drive” or “obsession” to create, but many non artists don’t.  It’s just in your blood… a kind of OCD.  Now i admit, this concept is not my own, but the design is. I’ve talked about building a vending machine for years that dispenses art and with my dads help, we did it. A little back story on my dad, he’s a car guy. He’s always restored classic cars, had his own auto body shop, and continues to work on all sorts of projects that include restoration. S0 i knew he would be my partner on this one. We took a rusty old cigarette machine (a National 222) and pulled the dents out, primed it, and painted it. I found this great sign for the top, and ta-da. The Cleveland Artifact Machine was born.

The C.A.M. will launch this Friday, May 16th at the 78th Street Studios.   It’s located in the smart space outside my gallery e11even 2.  The art inside is  available for $5 a pull, all size in boxes measuring 7/8 x 2 1/8 x 3 1/4.  I’ve been working hard on making hundreds of pieces of art to go inside of this machine (it holds over 600 pieces).

My hope is that this machine not only brings a smile to those who try it out, but that it also promotes the arts to everyone.  Sometimes people say that they can’t afford art, or that it’s something “rich people” have.  That’s simply not true.  Everyone can own art, and I would be thrilled if my machine was the reason they started collecting.

Currently it’s loaded with my art, but in the next few months i’ll be accepting other artists to participate in the C.A.M.


One thought on “Close Encounter of the 3rd Friday Kind

  1. Rich! This is so neat! I can’t waaaait to come see your studio this summer! (And obviously snag a piece of mysterious art from the CAM!)

    PS I can vouch for the fact that you’ve been wanting to do this… pretty much forever. I’m so happy for you! 🙂

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