This is for You Macgyver

bh 16aI built this birdhouse with intentions on giving it as a gift. I gave it to my neighbor and friend, who has helped me cut wood for the birdhouses, as well as given me some great reclaimed wood for my creations. My neighbor, Jason, is always working outside building and we hit it off pretty well when we moved in. But we really didn’t get to know each other until we went to another neighbors Halloween party years ago. He went as Macyver and i was Marty Mcfly. (it was an 80’s party). Any way, that’s why this piece has the Swiss army knife on it. I just that it was a positive way to remember my first impression of him. Any way, this piece is now in his collection, and we’ve become really good friends. bh 16b I really like this piece, and would consider it one of my top favorite birdhouses. It’s so simple, but so my style.

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