Early Bird Gets the Worm

bh 15bHere is my 3rd birdhouse for the Jose Posada Show. This is my double-decker house. I put poison bottles on the wings and added the text “Early Bird Gets the Worm”. The text relates to a common food for the birds, but also on the ideas of alcohol sometimes refereed to as poison (ex. what’s your poison?) I thought of the poison as tequila with a worm in the bottle. It might be a stretch on the conceptual aspect, but that was my feeling when i was creating the piece. The top of the birdhouse also had a bottle printed on it. So i played bh 15cwith that implied image and supplemented the other 2 points (the wings) harmonizing the overall piece with the theme of poison or alcohol. This is the first piece where i put on larger wings. These are full skate decks, where i usually trim off tips of the board. I think this has a great presence, kind of like a giant moth on the wall. This piece also has the “No Way Jose” logo i created on it. It was created for Jose Posada, but i guess after the show ends anyone could see it as Jose Cuervo (back to the tequila and worm idea). I like this piece a lot, and i really like all of the birdhouses I’ve posted thus far. It’s a fun project, and although they are all similar in style they each have a personality bh 15aof their own.

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