No Way Jose

bh 13a So here is a sneak peak of one of my birdhouses for the Jose Posada exhibition (check my last post) at the Sandusky Cultural Center. The exhibition opens this Sunday. This is only the second time I’ve had my birdhouses for sale (the first was the 50/50 show at 78th Street Studios). My concept for the show plays of my pop culture sense and interest in fonts and text. Everyone has used the slang “No Way Jose”, so i popped it in to my piece, along with a skull and crossbones poison bottle. I also split the text “east” into ea and st. I thought the combination of St. and Cleveland near each other felt uplifting and juxtapose to the bottle of poison it created bh 13b a dialog. And continuing that dialog, was the portion of ea, or each that feels singular. The piece (after completion) struck me as this internal conversation people have with themselves at times of need or desperation, that are then turned around by an uplifting event or circumstance. It’s also interesting that the word east (in its whole sense) sets a tone for direction or division (east or west). The color concept for this piece is complementary. I used orange and blue with the addition of white and black. I have 3 birdhouses in this exhibition, along side many other great artists. I’ll post the other 2 pieces next week. The newer pieces I’ve been working on hinge from the top, and the hinge is visible (as in this piece). Older birdhouses were hinged on the side and internally. I’m playing with multiple solutions on making them functional. I hope you can check out the exhibit and see all of the work first hand. bh 13c