Soup Cans Equal More Thrust Power

bh 12bSo this one was actually one of the prototype birdhouses, and I’ve only recently finished it. I have a few more prototypes that are near completion. They are not the rocket ship style, and i need to figure out a few things. They’ll be posted soon enough. The basic piece has been done, but before i posted i wanted to make sure i had it ready for instillation. This is a tall piece, and i ran the top piece of the box on an angle. I also have soup cans on the bottom of the box to resemble rocket thrusters. I like that idea a lot, but i keep forgetting to keep the cans when i make dinner. This piece also features a flame (as do other birdhouses) and my name. I didn’t really add too much other things to it. There was plenty of text and graphics to play with. I really like this piece, and I can’t wait to install it or find it a good home. bh 12c

bh 12 a