Living in a Cage

bh 7aThis is my skeleton skateboard birdhouse in the rocket ship style (that’s the short description). I sent this bird house to Virginia and asked a friend and very inspirational artist, Noah Scalin to hang it up some where. For those who followed my 365 Pez project, it was inspired in part by Noah’s project (Skull a Day). Noah’s skull a day project really motivated me, and now I’m creating my second run at a large body of work, being birdhouses. Any way, here’s the piece i sent him. It’s a fun play off his skull work, while also playing with the idea of a “cage” (bird cage/rib cage). I think this piece has more of narrative then other birdhouse’s I’ve made (thus far). The idea is possibly cliche when it comes to art work, and that’s the idea of life and death. I have a skeleton (death) on a rocket ship (after life) and the possibility of birds living in the birdhouse (life). I think the concept, although heavily stated, really works well and doesn’t come across “been there done that”. I love the color pallet of blues and bone/off white against each other. I’ve asked Noah, and others to hang their birdhouses up (inside or outside) and send me pictures. People who photograph a bird living in the house get cool points and high fives. I also plan on turning this project into a book. I’m currently talking to another friend/artist on assisting me with that portion (more details soon on that). bh 7cbh 7b

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  1. Be careful about disseminating skeletons before we have a chance to show them in the Posada tribute exhibit at the Sandusky Cultural Center. I’m beginning to experience pangs of Jealousy!

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