It’s a Bird, Its’a Plane… It’s a Number 2 Pencil?

bh 10aHere is one of my taller rocket bird houses. I’ve been having fun with heights and widths, so this happens to be one of those taller ones. I can’t wait to hang them up in an instillation and see what may look like a bunch of bugs on a wall. I think this one looks like a pencil. That’s how i matched up the pink and tan boards. I contemplated adding “lead” to the image, but sometimes you let the viewer decide what they see or don’t see. The color pallet would be primary. It’s hard to see the smaller fins, but they’re this great aqua/teal color. So the board has a retro early 90’s feel with the pink and teal. It’s kind of the color pallet that’s so bad it’s good.  This piece is much simpler then others.  I added some Cleveland, 216, and Blast Off Text and called it a day. bh 10bbh 10c I don’t think it needed to much more.  There was some Asian characters on the tan board, and the pink board has a geometric design on it.