Bird Brain

bh 9bbh 9abh 9c Here is one of my skull bird houses. I’m working on a few dealing with bones/skulls and death for upcoming exhibitions. I know it sounds morbid, but it’s part of life. This is one of my darker color pallets using the dark blue and violets. I used a yellow and orange wing on this piece. It sounds like an odd combination, but those fins had some of red violets and look really nice with the piece. I’m trying to incorporate Cleveland tag lines or the feeling of “home” in each piece. You can see Cleveland graphic at the top, and there are 2 existing west side stickers on the board. As far as the skull on this piece, the birds enter through the brain/skull. And the teeth are offset on the support piece that holds the peg for the birds to stand on. So it has a bit of relief when it comes to the 2D image. The face of the board hinges open for easy access (as most of the birdhouses do).

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