Don’t Drink and Fly



IMG_1917Here is another birdhouse i just wrapped up. I didn’t have time to shoot it with my camera, so here are some instagram pictures. This is my welcome home house, but it has a Budweiser logo underneath. So perhaps it’s a welcome to the bar birdhouse. This house is/was very calming, and i think that’s because of the mint greens and reds. The bottom board looks like a green tea can, you can see the 100% all natural text and the orchid type imagery also on the bottom portion. I think that the color of the Budweiser logo is complimentary to the image, but it’s a very opposite concept. Alcohol usually means great time, or super depressed and the boards say tranquil and relaxed. I think it’s a nice image of our daily lives, the ups and downs, the goods the bads, it’s all a part of life. I’ve been adding the flame/propulsion image to most of the rockets (but not all of them) and it’s meant to add to the concept of motion, but it’s also comparable to life and how quickly a flame can burn out. I hope when these birdhouses are installed, people stop “to smell the roses” or “watch the birds” and realize how many great things are right in front of us. The older i get the more my hobbies start to involve the simple things in life (gardening, nature, my daughter, friends, etc…) and i think a lot of people my age feel this way. I really enjoy building these birdhouses (as crafty as they may be) but i feel it satisfies so many avenues. I save and reuse old skateboards, i build homes for birds, i support public art, i hope to inspire people in every way, and i feel my life is useful and my mind is productive. I have many houses ready to be photographed. Stay tuned.