BANG, BANG! Now Fly the Coop

bh 6b
Here is my Bang, Bang Board. I took the inspiration from the multicolored gun sticker on the middle of the board and the monopoly crooks sticker. I thought this could play well when adding the bang bang text. The vibe i get from this is, Andy Warhol meets vintage gangster. The patterning and text is relevant to the heyday of organized crime, but the color pallet is that of the 1980’s Dire Straits video (money for nothing), Andy Warhol, and the wardrobe of the the 90’s hit show In Living Color. Are you with me? ha ha. I like this piece. I passed it along to the West Side Skate Shop. Those guys are great. They’ve already hung the first one up, and I’m sure this will get a great spot too. Stop out to their shop, in Lakewood, to see them in person. PLUS, bring them your broken boards. Chances are I’ll get them, and make art out of it. Then I’ll post the work online. It’s a full circle of creativity.
bh 6c
bh 6a

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