Staying at Home is a BLAST-off!

bh 5b Here is a birdhouse I hung in my back yard. I needed a “test” house, to make sure birds like it. I hung it on my willow tree. It’s been up for a few days, and no birds yet. I’m not surprised. I’m not sure any birds will move in until next spring. But it’s up and i have my for rent sign posted next to it. On that note, I know some birds don’t migrate for the winter, so where do they live? Will the live in a birdhouse over the winter? I have to find this out. This house has some added text, and those are my “west” on the top, and if you look at the bottom “i just flew in from Cleveland”. I like adding Cleveland elements and bird puns to all of the houses. I feel i’m adding some of my “pop art” humor to it, and for those who look at them closely will get an extra chuckle. Any way, I really like the rocket ship style houses. I do have a few other designs in motion, but these say “reused skateboard” because of the pill shape and with first glance you see a full sized skateboard. Then it has added dimension with the fins and the box, which is the house portion. bh 5a I love that they look very polished and raw at the same time. The boards have so much going on (as far as graphics and text), and they show so much wear and tear. At the same time, after i cut them down to make the pieces fit; they look completely natural and original, as if it i planned it. I guess i did plan it, but i love the feeling of creating a work, being excited, and hoping what i feel will be what everyone else feels. I want to keep them all! But i know that i can’t, (i don’t want to be the crazy birdhouse guy in the neighborhood) and I’ll be setting them all free in time. Everyone already thinks i’m the crazy spray paint guy. I get comments all the time. “Are you the guy who spray paints all the time”, or “what are you doing in there?”, ha ha. At least people are aware of my doings… darn nosy 5c

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