Meet the Pecks

bh 4a Here is my “Meet the Pecks” bird house. If you’re in the Cleveland art scene then you know who Bob and Amy are. If you don’t know them, then you’re really not in the scene (they get around, and not in a bad way). I made this for them, because i hadn’t gotten them a wedding gift. It’s only been 2 years. The appropriate turn around is 1 year, and i think for artists it’s at least 3 years (right?), so i still fell in to that spectrum, ha ha. This is a rocket ship birdhouse, with some added features. Partially inspired by one of Bobs tattoo’s, i added fins to my “pill” shaped bird houses and gave it what every bird needs, and extra set of wings! I thought if an unknowing witness saw the piece, they would assume “peck” was a bird reference (which it is), but is also their name. I added a flame at the bottom of the rocket as a propulsion element but its also a metaphor that is often used in the wedding ceremony. I used a “Rusty” board, to commemorate Bob’s work within the rust belt. He’s used that name in many of his exhibitions, and i saw it fitting. The general color pallet i chose was the secondary scheme (purple, green, and orange). Any way, i really like this piece, and it’s always difficult for me to give my work as a gift, not knowing if those receiving it would really enjoy it or just pretend to like it. But, in this case i think they loved it. They hung it up immediately, and I received a picture of it installed and I’ll be sharing that with everyone later. Bob and Amy are two of the most friendliest, giving and funniest couples out there. I hope everyone gets a chance to meet them and support their efforts in the art world.
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