When Pop Culture Meets Pop Culture… Oh Snap! (in a good way)

bh 3a bh 3d
bh 3c
bh 3bSo I’m playing with a few styles of bird houses, and this is another one of them that i can call finished. It always starts with the board. The color, or the subject matter influence the direction of my project. In this case, it was a Keith Haring board. I love his work, and wish i could have met him, but the least i can do now is make a tribute piece. Haring’s work always seems to evoke love, friendship, and other positive movements within society. So this board has the classic babies on it, and a few characters jumping around. I ran with both elements, and twisted it into one of my favorite classic rap songs by Biz Markie called “Friends”. I cut the lettering in a Haring font, as the song quotes, “Oh baby you, you got what i need: but you say he’s just a friend” (are you singing the whole song yet? ha ha). The imagery and the audio seemed to blend perfectly. This birdhouse is also for 2 families. Its a taller birdhouse and conceptually i thought having “another” bird or family would fit the overall idea (friends). I do have one flaw with it…. it hinges open from the bottom because of the pitch of the roof and the roof extends farther out the back so i can’t hang it flush to a wall. I’m going to attach a threaded pole to the bottom and put it on a stand, so the face of the house can open easily. I make them all open up so they can be cleaned out when the birds leave. Lesson learned, but I never claimed to be an engineer. I really like this piece, and I’m not sure where it’s going to go, or who it’s going to go to.