Only on the “West Side” of Town

Here is another bird house i made. This one was actually a gift. Since I’ve been doing so much art with skateboards, the questions at hand are… do you break all of those? do you skate? where do you get all of these boards? And the answers are, no i don’t break them, i don’t skate, and i have good friends at West Side Skates in Lakewood that collect them for me. I’m thankful that the take the time to keep these for me, so this is one i made for them. They’ll be getting more of my creations as i make them, so stay tuned for those. Also, stop out and say hello to Brian and his crew. They are good people and have great t-shirts, shoes, and other skateboard goodies.

About the board: You can see the yellow boards were part of an original “west side” board. I added the orange center and added the “(216)” local flavor to it. On the right side i also branded it with the west side name. And on the right side i put on my “I just flew in from Cleveland” tag. Get it? birds fly, i’m sure you got it. I put this together to look like a board from the front, although I’m also working on pieces that have different shapes and styles. I dig this piece. I can’t wait to start seeing them hung and being a landlord.
bh 2c
bh 2b
bh 2a