Made in Cleveland/America

made-in-america-festival-jayz How cool is this? I’ve just been invited/selected to participate in Budweiser’s “Made in America” tour. They’re sponsoring 30 cities for this free concert tour, and have picked one artist from each city. Guess who’s the Cleveland artist? I’ll be painting live, during the show next Tuesday from 8pm – 12am. This is a free show! But the catch is you have to be on the list. Here’s the link to get on that list (click here). The guitar is a Cleveland themed guitar that will be on display with 29 other guitars in a sculpture garden in Philadelphia later this year. I’ll try to get some pictures from the event up next week, but if you come to the show you can see it from start to finish! I don’t want to misquote what’s going on, but i heard lots of giveaways (big prizes), possibly free food?, oober CHEAP beer (i’m talking local bar cheap, not football game prices), and other cool things. Tell your friends, and stop on out.