$1 Could Buy This Piece

Cihlar collageI’m donating this new mixed media piece i just finished to the Berea Arts Fest. It’s framed and matted professionally. The frame is about 17 x 33 inches and the image is about 12 x 29 inches. They’re having a fundraiser called “What’s Cooking”? Garden Party and Food Fest. You can buy tickets to the event at www.bereaartsfest.org. Admission is only $25 and covers drinks, food, and entertainment for 3 hours. There are some raffles, hence this piece. Its going to be a good time and any one can go, so go buy tickets. Raffle tickets are only $1 and there are killer works being donated! There are pictures of some of the art on that link above. The photo i shot is ok. I shot it under the glass of the frame so i could post it online quickly. I could have/should have shot it before i framed it, but i was antsy and wanted to deliver the finished piece. Any way, i should be posting more work soon. I have a skateboard show coming up, pez-a-mania, the 50/50 show, an exhibit at the Morgan Paper Conservatory, and a band poster show. I think that’s it for now, but i have a lot of work to do.

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  1. Hi, Rich,

    We are still interested in pursuing the 3-D exhibit idea for the Sandusky Cultural Center, probably for our March 2 through April 8 slot. I have received the glasses (I ordered 50 to start with), but I am still a bit confused as to how to present the idea to prospective artists – or even, in fact who they might be. I thought I might begin by sending a pair to any artist who expresses a desire to participate, but I guess I think there should probably be some guidelines and or helpful suggestions for the art as well. Could you perhaps suggest some artists who may have participated in one of your previous 3-D shows and might have some experience with this?

    I really appreciate all of your help, consideration and advice.

    Very best regards, CTM

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