Flamingos in 3D


IMG_1554 Here are 2 quick shots of my Flamingo paintings for the 3D Breakneck Gallery Show next Saturday the 25th. It’s still really hard to explain in type, but stop out and pick up the chroma-depth 3d glasses that will be on hand, and you’ll see what i mean. The solid primary and secondary colors just float of the canvas and make flat art become three dimensional and interactive to the viewer. This is the first stencil I have cut since my Pez project, and I’ve the got the fever! (but sometimes yard work gets in the way). Stay tuned for the stencil revival (while the weather is toasty). Why Flamingos? It’s not so much about the Flamingo as it is the “Plastic” factor of the lawn ornament. I plan doing many more toys (like Pez), that are very plastic looking. I like the cheap, high gloss, clunky look that toys have.