Coming to You in 3D

So I’m not partaking in any summer art festivals this year (i didn’t submit applications in time). Although i might do the Pez-A-Mania event again (but that’s more of an adventure then an art show!). I’ll be creating more work and participating in gallery exhibitions. The next show I’ll be in is the 3D show at Breakneck. This is a fun show. It’s hard to explain, but there will be standard 3D glasses, but the ones that are really cool are the chroma-depth glasses. They separate the color spectrum and your images pull apart and float in the air (when you’re wearing them). It’s really neat!
I also posted about 8 pieces for sale on my online store. I’ll post more soon, just busy doing yard work.

One thought on “Coming to You in 3D

  1. Hi, Rich,

    This show sounds really interesting.

    Of course I’d have to know more about it, but in your opinion, does it seem like an idea we could use/steal next year at the Cultural Center?

    Best, CTM

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