What Do You Mean I started in a Leap year? – Day 366

battler Like all cool CD’s from the 90’s they had a bonus track, right? And now, it’s expected to have a hidden song/bonus track or bonus something on an album. So i started my 365 Pez project in a Leap year/election year, and it’s been bugging me all day whether or not to post another piece. And the answer was YES! So, we have the Royal Battler as the bonus piece. This is my only fantasy piece in the project and was the most fitting of all pieces i’ve worked on to be the bonus piece. This is my follow up for a custom piece for the Battler himself. You can read more about the earlier Battler piece and all of its significance. The first piece was a full board, no breaks or scratches. This piece is mostly the head (the most important part) and very little of the stem. I put him on a grey board with some black lines on it, and it melts right into the image itself. Pez-a-Mania is where i met the Battler, and i hope and plan on going again this year. It’s in Independence, Ohio and it’s a blast. Click on link above for more details. I dig this piece, and i dig the Battler. To see more on the Royal Battler, search his name on Youtube, and have a blast! Thank you again for all of your support.