How Many Days in a Year, That’s the Question? – Day 365

riddler board So… we’re here. 365 pieces of Pez art in a year. I can say I’m very excited, very exhausted, and partially saddened. I’ll comment on all of that in a minute. This is my Riddler Pez Board. I darkened the greens and the purples up and put him on a camouflage board. Which begs the question, what color is camouflage? I really like this piece, it reminds me of a contemporary “Where’s Waldo”. The idea of the glasses and hat, and the camouflage is used to hide people into surroundings shows a pretty good parallel to the Where’s Waldo books. Any way, i dig this piece. Ahhh… now back to the end of a goal. I would strongly suggest to anyone to create a yearly goal like this. It doesn’t have to be everyday, maybe it’s every week or every month, but it has been a real eye opener and fun struggle. I learned many new techniques (some good and some not so good), i had many discussions about my work with artists and non artists, and i created a enough work to have multiple gallery openings and not show the same piece twice. These were all aspects i was hoping to encounter and interact with. I want to say thank you to my friends, family, and strangers who supported this project. I could not have continued my confidence in this adventure with out you all. I have a bunch of ideas for new works (no art a day plans any time soon) and will continue to post them as they’re completed. But my posts may (or may not) slow down for a while. With a little more time to spare (not really) i hope to post many of these works on Etsy and eBay. Stay tuned for their availability and more of my projects coming soon. Thank you, R!ch