Bear-Lee Legal – Day 364

bear board This is my follow up to my Polar Bear Pez. I changed up the green on this one a little bit. I used a lighter green pallet (over the darker one from the last bear piece). I also put him on a camouflage board with a Chinese-esk character holographic sticker on it. It goes well with the red on the hat, and i couldn’t think of a more random sticker to add to my random board. I dig this piece, it’s not a top favorite, but I’m happy on the way it came out. And what else can i say? It’s day 364! My goal is only 24hrs away. What do you think the Las Vegas odds are on me to complete this? I have been thinking about not finishing. I know it sounds crazy, but then it would give me a goal/challenge to do it again. Ha ha, then i snapped out it. I guess that’s the weird stuff guys/artists think of. The what if’s (i stop right now… then what?) I can always do it again, that was the other part of my brain saying you’re so close.