I Chew on Money – Day 360

Chewy So here is my revisit to the Chewbacca vintage pez. I played with collage and spray paint. I’ve been reverse engineering mark making and techniques, and today’s influence is Bob Peck. Bob is a good friend of mine, and i love the way his abstracts just pull you in to his work. I see a lot of “bad” abstracts, and to see flawless pieces by Bob on a weekly basis is refreshing. So i tried a few of his mark makings. I’m not trying to copy the style, just understand it. Any way, i think some of the marks are nice. I think i could add more, but the dry time on the acrylic is what makes me nervous. If i keep going, i could have a puddle of mud. I’m going to high gloss varnish it, when it’s dry. And something inside of me says “attack it more”. So i might add more, but i’m not sure. Any way, check out Bob Pecks work. He’s really good.