The Truck Stops Here – Day 358

truck painting So here is a truck Pez piece. This is on an abstract board i did, and i love how well the colors line up. The image is reminiscent of a recent memory. My car broke down 2 days ago, and i felt stuck. I waited for AAA and they pulled me home. Thankfully my dad, the super mechanic, fixed the problems but for an hour i sat in the cold thinking. Its nice to have quite time (sometimes). Any way, i really like this piece! I’m going to clear coat it an call it a day. I’m not going to add too it, and i really feel like it’s finished otherwise. I sanded it down a bit (and was very nervous to do so). But I’m very satisfied. Sometimes you look at a piece and say to yourself “what if i do this…”. I give advice to students all the time on not worrying and letting the inner creativity out. So i took my own advice, and if it looked horrible, then… who cares. I tried something and it didn’t work. In this case, i think it did work!