Let Me Get a Roo Roo – Day 355

roo board BLAM! So, I’m finally feeling like i did on day one. The last few weeks, I’ve been feeling the pressure, and wanted to give up. Silly right? I felt the same way 3 weeks before i graduated from college. Back then i was like… sure I’ll just quit. Oh wait, that’s dumb! Any way, I had a few mixed media boards i have been working on and I’ve really been thinking abut how to meld my Pez on to them while making them feel natural (color harmony, and layers, etc…). Basically i didn’t want it to look like i just slapped something bright on something dull. Any way, my mixed media pieces consist of found object, collage, paint, etc… After i put down my Roo image, i sanded it. And unlike the skate boards, i sanded the whole piece. I LOVE IT! My textures underneath show through the spray paint. I love the image of the “king” on the right. The pink on Roo’s ear looks like flesh on the body of that king. It was completely unplanned, but now i know (kind of) how to use that to my advantage for future pieces. I think we’ll be seeing more of these types of mixed media pieces. This pieces is done on canvas.