Double Them Up and Multiply by 2, I Think That Makes 4 – Day 354

4 pez 5 So i pulled another piece with the 4 Pez on it. This canvas had some stick figure paintings on them from a kids show that never sold. Don’t worry, the kid (who was probably 8yrs old never came back). The canvas was white with a light blue figure on it. I almost kept it white, then i toned it with blue, and ran an oil based varnish on it. I can’t leave it alone! After it dries, it’s getting collage and other forms of mixed media. I like the direction of this piece but i can’t do the negative space just yet. Ha ha. On a side note, i put a call in for more broken decks, and the kids are just to afraid to ride in the cold! Sissy’s! ha ha, i can’t wait till summer. Even though, the official timeline for this project is soon, I’ll still pull pieces for boards, pending kids start breaking them again.