Smile for the Picture – Day 353

4 pez 1

4 pez 2

4 pez 3 Here is my mixed media piece. It’s actually 4 dispensers: Darth Vader, Dino, a Ghost, and a Smiley Face. I’m not happy with the photos, because they have bad reflections from the clear coat. OH! and they’re still very wet! When they’re dry, I’ll try to get a better shot. I’ve been going through old canvases that i started years ago, and working back in to them. But the mixed media pieces i have planned all seem to have a few days time in them. So… we’ll see where they get. This is a diptych. You can see the seam in the middle. This also has the number 4 on the left. I thought it identified the number of Pez’s in the transfer photo. I like this piece, but i might add more found objects, stencils, and mixed media later. Sometimes i just can help myself.