FUME Dogg – Day 347

pluto 1 Here is my latest Pluto piece. So my title, has double meaning (as they usually do). But i don’t expect most to know what/who Fume Dogg is. When i was in college, i had a few bands and i worked at pizza hut. My friend Chad “Fume” worked there too. We talked a lot of music, and actually jammed a few times and played a few gigs. I like rap, but i’m more of a rock and roll guy. Any way, Fume (pronounced Foom)is the best rapper I’ve seen live. This guy is incredible free styling, and turning your words on you with comedic fashion. I run into him time to time. I don’t have my bands, but i know he is still making music. Check out his link. You’ll be a fan. And on the other side of things, i used a solvar varnish on this piece. WHOA! it stinks right now, and my eyes are rolling around in my head. Any way, this is a canvas piece. I did a transition with spray paint from yellow to a tan. I applied my transfer and sanded it down. I stared at this for a while going, what now. And i often over work pieces. SO this time, i just stopped. I dig it. I don’t think I’m done, but I’m done with this portion. I’ve recently fallen in love with mounting 2 canvas’ of the same size together with a seem. And the 2 canvas’ don’t really have a common element. They just “merge”. Once the fume’s go away and i find my other canvas, I’m going to bolt them together. I think?

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