Rabbit Jump, Bunny Hop – Day 346

rabbit transfer Here is my vintage rabbit piece. This is a bit darker then i’d hoped but I’m not upset with it. I drew on it after (vs. before) the final glazing or varnish, using a flower stencil. That usually helps to dissolve some of the pencil marks and adds to the depth. This shows the stencil more on the surface. it’s not bad, its just different. Side note: yesterday was beautiful and in the 60’s. So i checked my phone to see the “spray paint” status, and…. it’s gonna be in the 30s’ again in a few days. ehhh…. i only have about 3 weeks left on the year project. That’s cool, but I’m dying to spray paint. I’ve been checking out some new techniques and want to rock them with my shaker cans.