He’s A Bird Dog – Day 345

goofy transfer Here is another Goofy piece And with following my notepad mini series, i put this piece on down with some additional stencils. I really really like this piece! It reminds me of Mary Poppins, and the woman feeding the birds. I put 2 pigeon/seagulls on the piece and Goofy just seems to stop and enjoy them. I’m a big fan of feeding birds (i have bird feeders and fill them all the time) and feeding squirrels. I think of them as part of my landscape, and it’s nice to sit and watch them in my back yard. I think this is a sign of me getting old… i mean more mature! This piece too, like yesterdays, reminds me of an old Polaroid found in a box of family memories. You can see my spiral bound drawing pad, that makes up the horizon line. Again, it feels like an urban or city back scape, where most pigeons are found. Any way, it’s odd to say… but this piece inspires me to make more. It’s perpetual art! ha ha. And it’s so nice out today, i just want to spray paint away. But i have a party to go to, so hopefully the sun will come back next week.