Robin laid an Egg? – Day 342

photo Here is my newest Batman Piece. Like yesterdays post, i used my spiral bound watercolor paper pad, and stencils. I stenciled on an ostrich and an egg. I have these stencils from I’m guessing Tupperware? My mom and aunts would always have Tupperware parties, and i think my mom got them for me from one of those home parties. As for the comparison to Batman, I was thinking about the song we’d sing as kids (to the tune of Jingle Bells). I love the colors on this piece. It looks like a vintage piece, and it’s the vintage style Batman dispenser. I just feel like i found this in a box of old sepia tone photos. I’m digging this piece. Now lets sing the song together.

Jingle bells,
Batman smells,
Robin laid an egg.
Bat mobile lost it’s wheel
And the Joker got away. HEY!