Witch-ita Is What I Saw- Day 341

witch 4 Here is my latest Witch Pez piece. I found a spiral bound watercolor tablet under my mounds of supplies, so i rocked it out. I love the ripped top, from the spiral bound. Ironically when i shot the photo for the transfer, i shot it on my art drawing for a white backdrop, and you can also see the spiral bound in the transfer. I thought it made for a cool horizon line, grounding the image. It almost looks like a bunch of caldrons in the background. Also, I’m experimenting with graphite and stencils. I pulled a letter stencil that i had and scribbled in the alphabet before i painted and transferred the image. I was nervous this pieces was going to be too dark, but i think it’s just right. I’m really digging this piece. I think the letters, even though not specific to the piece, really add a flat layer to the image which other wise has a strong 3-dimensional pull.