What’s the Question? – Day 337

riddler 1

riddler 2

riddler 3 So here is my Riddler Pez. You can see it next to the space heater in the garage. A 20 minute painting took about 3 hrs (of drying time). Any way, i like the stencil. I planned on it going on a green back drop and then i decided naaa… lets go purple! I marbleized the paper with a water and spray paint trick. I love the motion from the marbleizing, but still feel the piece needs something. So i guess the question is, is it done? Being that i’m cold, can taste spray paint, and it’s way past my bed time. Yes, it’s done. But, i might add text to it later. I feel it’s missing something else. I painted this on watercolor paper, and i like the overall texture of the paper (the toothiness), but being that i soaked it to marbleize it, it wrinkled. I’m going to have to flatten it out with some heavy books! I really want to get back in to the stencils, but its a pain in my neck with the cold. Ehhhh… So I’m going to play it by ear.