Who the Hell Are You? – Day 336

bart So i knocked out a stencil! I had the itch and thought who cares if it’s snowing today. Any way, here’s my Bart Simpson Pez. It sucks painting in the cold, i can’t for spring and summer. I put him on this board i created with collage piece. It has all of these tabs that say “yes” or “maybe” and i thought of what kids think. And how most of the stories that follow something ridiculous is… “i thought it was a good idea at the time”. Ha ha, I’m sure we’ve all said that. I usually use spray adhesive to mount my images, but being cold i opted to try my modge podge. I like the modge podge and what i thought would happened did. Since it’s water based, my piece rippled a bit. I might sand out the ripples and add more to this piece, but you have to wait a full day for it to cure or you’ll just get gunk in your sand paper. I like this piece, but the side of Barts face is a bit dark. I think i grabbed one shade darker then i needed. I have a few skate boards laying around. And if i can match up some colors, i might try to pull some more boards and new stencil pieces. I love painting stencils, again… it’s just to cold. I think i only have Maggie to do in the Simpson series. I should get on that, since I’m down to less then 30 days.