Here’s the Kick Off – Day 333

ohio state pez So here is my Ohio State Football Pez. Honestly not my favorite dispenser by any means. I know theres a marketing aspect to having logos on stuff, but i’d rather just see a football pez, then one with a logo on it. Same goes for the baseballs with team logos on them. Maybe i’m just not a big sports fan, but i feel that this dispenser is no different then the Michigan dispenser or any other college team dispenser they put out. BUT! i was given this dispenser and its part of my batch, so i used it (even if it’s not my favorite, someone might like it). I put it on this explosive red abstract board to compare the Ohio State team colors, and add motion as if the foot ball was being kicked or moving. I don’t hate the piece, i actually kind of like it. I’m just fond of the mass productions of the dispensers (but that’s my problem). This photo is a little darker then my actual piece too.